Annual Reports

Our fiscal year 2013 marked the first year in residence for Executive Director Veronica C. García, Ed.D. One of Dr. García’s projects early in her tenure was a staff-driven overhaul of the organization’s strategic plan, Children’s Charter, and core messages. (Annual report; Dec. 2014) Read more
Our year was marked by continued work on two major policy areas: health care for kids and early childhood care and education. Our work on high-quality early childhood learning centered on a push for an adequate, sustainable source of funding so that programs and services for children from birth to age five could be greatly expanded across the state. (Annual report; May 2013) Read more
During our 2011 fiscal year (July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011) we stepped up our work to secure more funding for early childhood care and education programs. We believe the educational and economic outcome of New Mexico’s children and families would vastly improve if the state were to fund a universally available continuum of programs aimed at children aged zero to five. (Annual report; April 2012) Read more
Our 2010 fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2009, was a particularly challenging one for our state advocacy work in terms of fiscal policy. The Great Recession was hitting New Mexico hard and in September the Legislature was called into a special session to patch a growing hole in the state’s bank account. (Annual Report; Sept. 2011) Read more
Fiscal year 2009 began with something we won’t see again, perhaps for many years: a surplus in the state budget. With gas and oil prices at an all-time high, the state was flush with money in the summer of 2008. (Annual Report; Dec. 2010) Read more