New Mexico's employment ratio--the percentage of the working-age population to the number of employed people--is the lowest it's been since 1976. It's also lower than neighboring states and the national average. (Infographic; Mar. 2017) Read more
In the world of revenue-estimates and budget-making, numbers can seem pretty abstract. This infographic takes a look at how the revenue provisions in HB 202 might actually be invested to stem more harmful spending cuts. (Infographic; Feb. 2017) Read more
Reinstatement on the tax on food is likely to come up in the 2017 legislative session even though New Mexico has the second highest rate of children who don't always have enough to eat. This infographic looks at food insecurity in New Mexico and which other states in the nation tax food. (Infographic/Fact Sheets; Dec. 2016) Read more
Trickle-down economics were touted for years as the best economic tool for creating jobs. It does change the way in which money flows through the economy, but not quite in the way proponents promised. (Infographic; April 2016) Read more
Faced with falling revenue and unwilling to raise taxes, New Mexico's Legislature made deep cuts in some critical programs. But, as this infographic shows, one area of the budget actually saw increases. (Infographic; March 2016) Read more
Cutting taxes in the hope that jobs will be created is a "race to the bottom" as state revenues decline and services like education, health care and public safety are cut. Investing in our state's human capital and infrastructure is a "race to the top" that will make New Mexico attractive to employers. (Infographic; Feb. 2016) Read more
The SNAP Double Up Food Bucks program helps low-income families purchase fresh, locally grown produce at farmers markets. It helps local farmers too! This infographic shows if there's a participating farmers market in your community. (Infographic; July 2015) Read more
With the highest long-term unemployment rate in the nation, New Mexico is in no position to require parents to find a job in order to receive food benefits. Unfortunately, some state officials are pushing for just that. (Infographic; July 2015) Read more
This infographic, which focuses on the economic realities that food-insecure families face, was created as a handout for the National Commission on Hunger, which asked NM Voices to join their discussion on food insecurity. (Infographic; July 2015) Read more
Despite shrinking revenue, lawmakers in the 2015 legislative session are considering enacting more corporate income tax cuts. It's enough to make one wonder if we've entered the Tax Cut Twilight Zone. (Infographic; Feb. 2015) Read more
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